Working in Australia

In order to lawfully work in Australia you must be either an Australian Citizen or hold a valid visa that permits you to work. Not all Australian Visas allow the holder to work and some work visas only allow specific work to be undertaken or only permit the holder to work for a specific period of time.

Visas that permit the holder to work include:

  • All Permanent Residency Visas;
  • Temporary Employer Sponsored Visas;
  • Working Holiday Visas (only available to certain passport holders);
  • Work and Holiday Visas (only available to certain passport holders);
  • Student Visas (in specific circumstances);
  • Special Category Visas (e.g. Subclass 444 for New Zealand Citizens)
  • Bridging Visa that permit working in Australia.

Working whilst not holding a visa allowing you to work is considered a serious offence under Australian law and can result in your arrest, detention and removal from Australia. This, in turn, could result in the holder being banned from applying for another Australia visa for up to 3 years.

If you wish to work in Australia please contact MigrationCo so we can advise you on the best visa option to allow you to work in Australia.



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