Subclass 476: Temporary Visa option for recent Engineering Graduates.

Persons who completed an Engineering Degree within the last 2 years may be able to obtain a temporary Australian visa with full work rights. Depending upon your qualification and where you studied, you (and your family) could be able live, work or study in Australia for up to 18 months. Once in Australia you could then locate an Australian employer who is willing to sponsor you for up to 4 years or even for permanent residency.

Due to the high demand for skilled engineers in Australia at the moment this visa presents the perfect opportunity for recent engineering graduates to commence the process of migrating to Australia by providing the opportunity to live and work in Australia before making the full commitment.

By have full work rights you are able to locate employment in your chosen engineering field throughout the whole of Australia and are not restricted to living or working in any part of Australia nor are you prohibited from living or working in any part of Australia.

If you are a recent engineering graduate please contact Sean Clancey at MigrationCo either via e-mail (, telephone (+613 9629 2677) or fax (+613 9629 2611) to discuss you eligibility for this visa.



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