Subclass 417 and 462 Visas: Working Holiday and Work and Holiday Visas.

These visa are for persons under 31 years of age to provide them with the opportunity to live and work in Australia for up to 12 months, with the possibility of extending your stay in Australia to 24 months.

Applicants need to hold an eligible passport, be under 31 years of age at the time they apply for the visa and not have any dependents who also wish to travel to Australia. Certain applicants may need to obtain a letter of support from their Government. Married couples will need to obtain their own visa to accompany each other to Australia.

The visa allows the holder to enter and remain in Australia for, initially, up to 12 months from the date of their first entry. They are permitted to work a maximum of 6 months with any single employer and are not restricted on the type of employment they can undertake.

If the holder completes at least 3 months of ‘regional work’ in ‘Regional Australia’ it may be possible to obtain another Working Holiday (Subclass 417) Visa to be able to remain in Australia for 24 months from the date of their first entry.

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